The Life and Times of Grandma Rosa Brochi A sweetened and condensed version of one incredible history It was boom time in America when a feisty Italian immigrant named Rosa Brochi opened her first boarding house to the lonely sailors in the Great Lakes Port of Duluth, MN. The year was 1869 and it was here where Rosa’s lifelong tradition of customer satisfaction began. “Grandma” as she became affectionately known to the young women in her tutelage took very special care of her patrons, making sure they were always satisfied and comfortable. Her reputation became legendary and word of her shrewd business sense and humanitarian works spread like wildfire. Soon other boarding houses were opened – in the great north woods, along the banks of the Mississippi, the Red River Valley, and throughout this great land. Wherever people sought comfort, Grandma’ brought solace. Then in 1944, Grandma answered the call of her countrymen by returning to Europe to assist in the war effort. She was never heard from again. Two generations later, Rosa’s grandson, Mickey, adopted her commitment to customer satisfaction. In 1976 he opened Grandma’s Saloon & Grill in the very same building where Rosa operated her first boarding house. Now the offerings may not be the same but with unspeakably good food, exceptional service, and lively atmosphere, patrons can still enjoy life’s more indulgent pleasures. The success of this first venture, fueled by the legendary works of his grandmother, prompted Mickey to revisit many of Rosa’s business locations to reclaim her heritage. The extent of her colorful past is still being uncovered as Mickey travels the country in search of his ancestry. Grandma Brochi was always willing to bend over backwards for the customer and the restaurants that share her name share her philosophy. Grandma’s Saloon & Grill is a place where people enjoy themselves (sometimes a little more than they think they deserve), and where no one goes home hungry. So sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself – Grandma would have insisted.